Jessica Rae Thomsen. Let's make something beautiful today!

The hard facts...

Orginally from the windy city, Chicago. I moved to Copenhagen in 2004. I love partnering with local brands to help them tell the good stories of who they are. Finding those small unique things that sets then apart, and using a multitude of mediums to tell that story. My educational background is an AP degree in multimedia design and a PBA web development.

A bit about me...

Since I was 4 years old, I been doodling and illustrating, this naturally lead me to take an education in design. In recent years I have discovered web design and development and a whole new world has open for me. I discover a new love of solving problems and creating creative beautiful UI that is user centered.. Over the last few years, I have specialist in Edtech, and developing for children 6-12 years old, but I love taking on project for adult users too!


What I love to do:

UX/UI: Web Design

Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business but above all.. it should be user centered design.

Web Development

Are you looking for a new website, or just to spruce up the one you have please contact me and lets see what you dream to create.

Design & Development for Kids

Children are complex, intelligent users. Designing for them starts with a clear understanding them as users and match it with their cognitive skills.


Creating a strong brand is no longer a corporate luxury -- it's a professional necessity.

My design philosophy is simple.

I want to make the world better, more creative, and less complicated.